Consonant Model

. The most simple nurse call system available, without voice connection
. wall central unite, with LCD for normal and emergency nurse calls or desktop model with caller bed No. display.
. no limit in the number of the beds or rooms.
. adaptable with any hospitals sections with low budget.

Central unit: wall or desktop
Exchangeable with call display.
Call panel: wall or stand installation
Polycarbonate cover and washable.
Wireless connection
Cancel (response) key: internal or external install
Polycarbonate cover and washable
Under pillow: polycarbonate cover and washable
Spinal cable
Pulling key: resistant against extra pulling
Polycarbonate cover and washable
Door lamp: internal and external install
Long life LED lamps

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System Structure

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Equipment list

Equipment list Advanced Models Simple Models
Central Unit CUI21 CUN01
Terminal Box TBX21 TBN01
Call Panel BCU21 PBCN01
Pillow Gadget NCB21 PB02
Holder   NCBH02
Over The Lamp ODL21 ODL07
Pull  Key TB21 TB02
Cancel Key CB21 CBN01


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