Comprehensive Patient Tele Communication System (CPTS)

Nowadays setting up a TV in patient’s room in hospital is one of primary needs and majority of the rooms are equipped with the TV. The idea considered in upgrading the last comprehensive patient telecommunication system, was replacing TVs with touch intelligent terminals of patients. In this system it is possible for the patient to have access to watch TV channels, preferred movies or videos, listen to music, have virtual meetings, play various games or entertainments, get educated about its disease, have access to allowed parts of their medical documents, get medical advices, see advertisements of related products or services, order food and purchases via TV.
Also using intelligent touch screen terminal, tablets or touch phones, while upgrading the hotel-quality of the room can have effects on patient’s healing procedure. Main benefits behind using comprehensive patient telecommunication system can be summarized as below:
Entertainment, communication, medical advising, watching TV channels, preferred movies or videos, listening to music, having virtual meetings, playing various games or entertainments, getting educations about the disease, having access to allowed parts of medical documents and prescriptions, backgrounds, negatives and test results and prescribing new medical instructions for the doctor and nursing group.

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